Our partnership with Uganda’s Kikaaya College and Vocatonal School is one driven by the conviction that every child, no matter where they live on earth is entitled to a high quality education. The idea of equal opportunity in our technologically driven age is not an ideal but a necessity. By providing up to date academic tools and institutional structures we can ensure that the students of Kikaaya College will be able to compete in and contribute to their community. Our relationship with the Kikaaya College and Vocational School is a durable one and we are passionately committed to its students, its faculty and its administration.

After living in Kikaaya and working with its high school students, Nation Foundation director Coby Schoffman became acutely aware of the school’s urgent needs. After compiling a detailed inventory of the necessary resources, the Nation Foundation has a clear goal and a precise budget for actualizing our project.

The students and faculty of Kikaaya could not have been more generous. They welcomed Coby with open arms and provided him with housing, food and deep and enduring friendships. We at The Nation Foundation will be eternally grateful for the gift of that grace. We sincerely hope that you will join us in rebuilding the Kikaaya College and Vocational School with your donations your time and your ideas. Please join us in our assertion that together we can and we must change the world.

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