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The Nation Foundation works to empower our world’s most vulnerable youth through the provision of equitable educational opportunities. Each day, we work collaboratively with our partners to reduce school drop-out rates, improve and mobilize critical educational resources, and initiate sustainable projects which enhance educational environments across the globe.

Our Mission

The Nation Foundation works to ensure all students, regardless of their circumstances, have access to equal academic opportunities.

Our Vision

We aim to work collaboratively with key stakeholders across the globe to craft sustainable solutions to systemic educational issues. Through a grassroots, community-based approach, we aim to provide the principal materials and critical infrastructure necessary for a quality and equitable education system.

Our Founding

The Nation Foundation (TNF) was founded in 2014 after the organization's Founder spent time living at and working with primary and secondary schools in remote villages in Uganda. Inspired by the resilience, leadership, and vision of those village school Director's, an action plan was created collaboratively with a series of village stakeholders to help improve the quality of education for their youth.

Over the course of a few years, the communities TNF was founded to serve experienced transformational change. Through the initiation of collaborative community-based solutions, the village school system became an elite Ugandan educational institution, and a sustainable model of change for the region.

The key to TNF’s organizational approach is ‘collaboration, not dictation’. Through full-fledged collaboration, the audacity of hope, and an unforgiving determination to improve access to quality education, the TNF-change model has proven to empower students, educators, and communities at large across the globe.

Meet Our Staff

We’re a like-minded group of change-makers guided under the unrelenting principle that through collaboration, innovation, and tireless action we can achieve educational equality across the globe.

Mubiru Charles

Director of Programs

Charles Mubiru is the Head Master of 3 schools in Bulenga, Uganda. A visionary leader who has dedicated his life to empowering the youth of Uganda, Mr. Mubiru has helped to put over 25,000 young people through school over his lifetime. Mr. Mubiru has changed the educational, as well as the wider community environment in profound ways that foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Mr. Mubiru currently oversees all educational programs in the TNF partner community of Kikaaya, Bulenga, serving over 3,000 students a year.

Coby Schoffman

Founder & Executive Director

Coby Schoffman’s dedication to direct action and service began as a political science student in Tel Aviv and Istanbul. Though living in two of the world’s most volatile cities his course work appeared both abstract and remote. Taking a semester’s leave in the spring of 2014 Coby traveled to Uganda as a freelance volunteer with the vague hope of making a difference. After living in remote villages across the region, Coby worked with a series of community stakeholders to set out a comprehensive vision of change. Through intense collaboration and field research, Coby worked to birth the Nation Foundation with goal of providing educational opportunities to youth across the region. In addition, Coby sought to create a one-of-a-kind volunteer program which separates itself from 'voluntourism' and provides opportunities for young people to ideate, collaborate, and initiate real change in the world.

Coby’s dream of making a difference has become a vital force in the world and he is eager to include you in this dynamic process. Together, through our collective energy, creativity and passion we can and will make a difference.

Nalwoga Lydia

Lead Educator & Volunteer Liason

Nalwoga Lydia serves as the Lead Educator and Volunteer Liason as three of TNF schools. Growing up in the village of Kikaaya, Uganda, Lydia has dedicated her life to serving her local community. Through her dedication to education and empowerment, Lydia has helped set the educational vision of multiple schools in Bulenga, Uganda. In addition, Lydia has helped lead TNF's volunteers through their programs in TNF project zones. Working with volunteers from over 16 different countries, Lydia has helped folks across world experience change and make a difference.

Jesse Vasquez

Web Director

Jesse, from Santa Monica, California has worked with TNF since it's founding. He has overseen our web development strategy for almost a decade, building three websites from the ground up. In addition, Jesse has been instrumental in formulating our digital vision, helping to enhance the UX and UI of all TNF digital products. Jesse also assists TNF with graphic design and the creation of all TNF merchandise.

Nathalia Santana

Sponsorship Director & Volunteer Coordinator

Nathalia Santana first worked with TNF as a volunteer in 2015. Since then, Nathalia has grown within the organization, becoming a superstar Volunteer Coordinator and most recently, serving as TNF's Sponsorship Director. Nathalia has crafted a unique strategy to help scale TNF's sponsorship program to help serve thousands of students. Under her leadership, Nathalia has help to facilitate the sponsorship over 900 students. In addition, as TNF's Volunteer Coordinator, Nathalia has overseen over 40 volunteer programs, impacting thousands of students and empowering young change-makers from over 16 different countries.

Dani Schoffman

Co-Director of Media

Dani Schoffman, from Jerusalem, Israel, has worked with the TNF since it's founding, serving as its Co-Director of Media. Dani has led the media strategy for TNF for almost a decade, creating cutting-edge content, and formulating a unique digital strategy that has brought TNF's projects in front of a global audience. Through Dani's leadership, TNF has been able to present and articulate the impact of it's initiatives to folks in every corner of globe.

Rafi Schoffman

Co-Director of Media

Rafi Schoffman serves as the Co-Director of Media of TNF. Rafi is a social media 'guru' and published photographer who has worked in numerous countries. She has led campaigns for well-known brands and non-profits where she has leveraged her incredible photography talent and social media skills to impact thousands of folks. Under Rafi's leadership, TNF has revamped it's online presence in a myriad of ways, giving TNF the ability to reach audiences near and far with cutting-edge and meaningful content.

Meet Our Board

These are the folks who lead by example and move mountains. A group of collaborative thought-leaders who help us achieve our mission on a daily basis.

Kevin Jennings

CEO, Lambda Legal

Jeff Sussman


Roberta Fahn-Schoffman

President, Mindset Consulting

Coby Schoffman

Team Leader

Meet Our Volunteers


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