I highly recommend taking the opportunity and volunteering, as you not only learn valuable things about the world but also about yourself.

Luegi LopesTNF Volunteer - 2018

Luegi Lopes 🇬🇧

London, England –> Kikaaya, Uganda ’18

Meet Luegi

Luegi travelled from the United Kingdom to Kikaaya, Uganda as part of the Summer 2018 Volunteer Cohort. During her month in Uganda, Luegi taught Sustainable Development to the students at Kikaaya. Luegi helped spearhead the ongoing Poultry project at Kikaaya school, which has helped to provide students with thousands meals.

After the TNF volunteer program, Luegi wen on to complete her BA in International Relations at the University of Leeds. Luegi is currently working as a web designer at GrassRootsWeb.

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