It was an experience I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

Ilan BrajzblatTNF Volunteer - 2017

Ilan Brajzblat 🇮🇱

Jerusalem, Israel –> Kikaaya, Uganda ’17

Meet Ilan

Ilan, part of NF’s Summer 2017 Cohort, taught courses on the Principles of Entrepreneurship and hosted workshops in Agricultural Sustainability. Ilan also oversaw the implementation of the NF’s solar installation of the Kikaaya College School, providing solar electricity to over half of Kikaaya! Ilan, a French-Israeli, helped mobilize a 10,000 liter water tank to the Kikaaya community, helping to provide water to hundreds of students and staff.

After completing TNF’s volunteer program, Ilan went on to finish his degree at the Technion – Institute of Technology where he studied bio-medical engineering. Ilan is currently working at General Electric Healthcare in Haifa, Israel.

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