Marko, from Ukraine, traveled to Kikaaya Uganda in the summer of 2018. During his six weeks in Uganda, Marko taught Principals of Nutrition to the students at Kikaaya. Hosting a cooking course, Marko taught students how to make healthy meals using accessible ingredients. In addition, Marko helped install soap dispensers around Kikaaya, and hosted a liquid soap making workshop.

Marko describes his experience as “…heartwarming. Students and their families here are so willing to share their time, roof, emotions and wisdom with us just the same way as we want to share our knowledge with them. Ugandans say: ‘Different color, one people’. Hosting families have genuinely treated us as their own children despite different origins, religions and colors.”

Marko is currently completing his degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Hertfordshire. He is continuing to assist with fundraising and monitors the nutrition and health projects in Kikaaya.



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