Luegi travelled from the United Kingdom to Kikaaya, Uganda as part of the Summer 2018 Volunteer Cohort. During her month in Uganda, Luegi taught Sustainable Development to the students at Kikaaya. Luegi helped spearhead the ongoing Poultry project at Kikaaya school, which will help fund student meals and is set to conclude at the beginning of 2019.

“Volunteering for the NF this summer has definitely been one of my favorite experiences ever. From meeting the volunteers, to bonding with the students and teaching - I loved every moment of it! Uganda, along with its people is such a vibrant place, there was never a dull moment! Thank you, the Nation Foundation, for starting something so beautiful and making my summer the best one yet!"

Luegi is continuing to assist with fundraising and assisting in project development for NF. She is also currently contributing to the NF sponsorship program.



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